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by Prash K
Urban Spirituality

Break Out Of The Burnout & Re-Ignite Your Career with Prash & Sean


"Break Out Of The Burnout & Re-Ignite Your Career"How many times have you been pushed so far to the edge in a career or business that you felt like quitting?Physical and emotional burnout, heavy workloads, unrewarding careers, negative colleagues, and increasing demands... far too many people live this way day in and day out.Yet at the same time, you've probably tasted what your career or business could be like - where you see it growing and prospering in a way that brings both fulfillment and prosperity, but you just need a little hand with the right tools, mindset, and tactics to get you there?If you can relate to any of these, then this episode is going to be EPIC for you. Join us as transformational genius, career expert, and author, Sean Sessel, CEO of the Oculus Institute, shares some invaluable insights, including:
- The 4 schools of mindset practices (NLP, Applied Psychology, positive psychology, and esoteric methodolodies like his very own psychohacking system …)
- Why people get caught up in the rat race
- The dangers of complacency
- Rediscovering your authentic values to course-correct and upgrade your career
- Shedding the sheep mentality to become your own life navigator and captain
- The key steps to move from overwhelm and burnout to fulfilment and greater success
- The 4 steps to dissolve fear
& Much more


Episode 67

Season 1

by Prash K