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by Prash K
Urban Spirituality

Handy Steps To Healthier Habits Making habits work for you, not against you!


We’re all creatures of habit. I’m sure you all agree that habits are what get us through the day.
But not all of them are created equal. There are different types of habits.
Since they happen subconsciously, meaning most of the things we do occur in a so-called autopilot mode, We sometimes are unable to realise which habits empower us and which hamper our growth.
Yes, habits can lead us to success and happier life. But we often fail to address that some of our issues are rooted in bad habits. Perhaps you are unaware of them, or you find them so controlling, hard to change.
In this episode, I want to take you on an inner journey to rid yourself of those habits that are working against you and cultivate better, healthier mental patterns to live the life you deserve.
Join me today to find your ‘why’ and create healthy habits.


Episode 78

Season 1

by Prash K