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by Prash K
Urban Spirituality

How To Unleash Your Inner Jedi


Who doesn't secretly envy the calmness and clarity of Yoda, or the agility and skill of Luke Skywalker!?
In case you are not familiar with Star Wars, It’s an amazing Sci-Fi trilogy that has so many powerful analogies to help us become better people.
Jedis are members of the warrior class trained to protect peace in the universe.
Think of a Jedi as a space samurai…
But what does it mean to be a Jedi?
Well...Beyond lightsaber battles and exploring the galaxy, Jedis are equipped with insane amounts of inner peace and serenity. And this comes from harnessing the power of “The Force” which grants knowledge and super-human abilities.
The Jedi way is always seeking knowledge and enlightenment.
Being a Jedi means to always act in a righteous way without a tinge of hatred, envy or anger.
I put together this fun and punchy session to help you get cultivate healthier habits to bring out your own inner Jedi to life, to help you:
  • Improve your mental and physical health
  • Have better quality relationships
  • Perform better and achieve more at work or in your career
  • Become a nicer human being and Just be a generally nicer human being to be around


Episode 80

Season 1

by Prash K