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by Prash K
Urban Spirituality

Owning Your Shit! REAL TALK with Prash K and Alexander Reid


In life, you're always going to get your haters and your naysayers. How you react, deal and respond to these challenges determines to what degree you own it.
👉People are to a large degree controlled what they read on social media
👉How are we influenced by spiritual debts and karmic debts?
👉The one thing in reaction is that we can do is to own our stuff
👉We're going to be pushed - our patience, emotions and our livelihood sometimes is going to be pushed. And we need to learn to bring ourselves back into a center.
👉Sometimes the best response is no response. And other times a delayed response, where you can go away and take stock, reflect.
👉The smarter approach is to pause, regroup, see what you can own and what you can take advantage of, and then go and respond.
👉Listen to meditative music - different beats, chant alpha beats, to change brain activation.We’ll become more relaxed and getting creative, we move into what's called alpha state.
Now you can sit down now you're in a calm state your emotions are calm down. Now you can sit and logically and say okay, what do we need to do about this situation over here? That's just a result. What are the options? And what's the worst that could happen?


Episode 66

Season 1

by Prash K