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by Prash K
Urban Spirituality

The Essentials Of SELF L.O.V.E!.


- If we love ourselves, we will be better at loving other people – we can give more and enrich our relationships more
- Coaching because I have lacked love in my own life. Missed parental love, especially motherly love. The love I was looking for was inside.
- When we top up our own self-love we are able to give more love
- L = Lessons. Learning the lessons from our relationships and becoming mindful of the lessons. L is also for “Letting go.” Learning to let go of what you had allows you to open yourself up for something new.
- O = Opportunity. Look for opportunities where you can give love and be given love, even in situations where you never imagined it to be. O is also for “Openness.” Being open to getting love from unexpected sources.
- V = Value. What value can you bring to a relationship and what values can you nature within yourself. Sift through your values until you identify your “non-negotiables”. Value must always be given by yourself to have a fair exchange.
- E = Emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is about self-awareness, self-control, controlling our emotions, listening empathically and actively; respond rather than react.

How are you expressing self-love? How are you planning to give it back to others?


Episode 71

Season 1

by Prash K