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by Vanguard University Theatre Department
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How To Drive A Car


With a puppy on the loose, how will the friends find her before it's too late? Also, learn how to drive a car.

Director: Anna Doepp
Podcast Manager: Breanne Pancarik
Writers: Anna Doepp, Nick Goss, Mikayla Martinez, Breanne Pancarik
Audio Stacking: Angie Luna
Foley Editor: Francesca Anderson
Intro/Outro Music: Anna Doepp, Breanne Pancarik
Jaida Albanito
Francesca Anderson
Sophia Ayrouth
Anna Doepp
Nick Goss
Angie Luna
Mikayla Martinez
Breanne Pancarik
Sierra Plares
Bella Totpal
Graphics: Angie Luna
Facilitated by David Pecoraro


Episode 6

Season 2

by Vanguard University Theatre Department