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by Vanguard University Theatre Department
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How To Survive Black Friday


Now that everyone made to back to the mainland, will everyone make through Jaida's favorite holiday? Also, learn how to survive Black Friday.

Director: Anna Doepp

Podcast Manager: Breanne Pancarik

Writers: Anna Doepp, Nick Goss, Mikayla Martinez, Breanne Pancarik

Audio Stacking: Angie Luna

Foley Editor: Francesca Anderson

Intro/Outro Music: Anna Doepp, Breanne Pancarik


Jaida Albanito

Francesca Anderson

Sophia Ayrouth

Sophie Collins

Anna Doepp

Nick Goss

Mikayla Martinez

Angie Luna

Breanne Pancarik

Sierra Plares

Bella Totpal

Graphics: Angie Luna

Facilitated by David Pecoraro


Episode 11

Season 2

by Vanguard University Theatre Department