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Verdict with Ted Cruz

The Cloakroom Preview: A response to Chief Justice Roberts


This is a special preview of The Cloakroom, a series made exclusively for Verdict+. Join Senator Ted Cruz and Liz Wheeler each week as they pull back the curtain on the philosophy that informs our political debates, the stories that are reshaping our culture, and the legal principles at play on America’s stage and beyond. Become a Verdict+ subscriber to get exclusive access: https://verdictwithtedcruz.com/plus.

Following the release of the Dobbs opinion and the Chief Justice's decision to not overturn Roe v. Wade, Alan Dershowitz advocates for the same concept, calling the overturning of Roe “judicial activism.” Today on The Cloakroom, Senator Ted Cruz joins Liz to explore whether Dershowitz or Roberts are right in their call for judicial restraint and examine the legal reasons that may dismantle the Chief Justice’s arguments. Plus, will we ever find out the identity of the leaker?
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