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by Karen Tate
Voices of the Sacred Feminine

Sacred Energies of the Sun & Moon in Curanderismo w/Erika Buena Flor


A very new topic here on Voices of the Sacred Feminine, today Erika Buena Flor, a practicing curandera for two decades, as well as a scholar  with a master's degree in religious studies with a focus on Mesoaerican shamanism is with us to discuss her newest book, Sacred Energies of the Sun and Moon.  We'll talk about her scholarly and hands-on work as a curandera, how to and why it's important to tap into the energies of the sun and moon, deities of the sun and moon, and ancient Mesoamerican understanding concerning the principal moon phases and energies emitted from them.  Ritual will also be today's topic as Erika shares practices we can engage in to get the benefits of different phases of both the sun and moon.


Episode 156

by Karen Tate