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by Ashley McDonough
Walking In Place



Corktown is more than a park and condos, as I have learned. This area tells the story of the early poor and working class immigrant populations of Toronto (shout out to the Irish and Macedonian communities). We also learn about the underground railroad, unmarked graves (of humans and, technically, pigs) and talk about making the city beautiful and functional without sneakily demolishing heritage buildings. Oh, and there’s magic! And beer! And puppies!

Walk-Along Info:

Walk length: 45ish min

Walkability: fairly flat, smooth roads, not crowded, some jaywalking

Start: Eastern Ave. and Sackville St.

Finish: Eastern Ave. and Rolling Mills Rd.

Sources: https://walkinginplace.libsyn.com/corktown-sources

Featuring the song "Crazy" by Patrick Patrikios


Episode 2

by Ashley McDonough