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by Ashley McDonough
Walking In Place

Queen and Ossington


It’s December, and I’m trying to get myself to like winter. This month, that means taking “festive” walks. Mostly in areas that look pretty at this time of year, but there are a few stops here and there that are a little bit more on theme. That being said- if you happen to listen to this any other time of year, it should hopefully still be an interesting and fun walk/listen!

As always, I am not a historian, and if I get something horrendously wrong please let me know so I don’t continue making the same mistake. I do track all my sources- you can find them on the link below.

Walk-along info:

Start: Queen St. W. and Ossington Ave.

Finish: Queen St. W. and Bathurst St.

Estimated walk time: 40ish minutes

Sources: https://walkinginplace.libsyn.com/queen-and-ossington-sources


Episode 3

by Ashley McDonough