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by Dustin Benge
Walking Worthy

Our All-Glorious Lord


In Mark 9, we have the enormous privilege of being taken by the Holy Spirit to a setting that only three disciples — Peter, James, and John — are allowed to witness. The transfiguration of Christ was a reminder to the disciples that despite the dark valleys they may walk through, glory is to come. This very transfiguration is meant to be their source of joy in the darkest valley of their lives. John would later describe this moment in John 1:14, “We have seen His glory, the glory of the One and only Son” — we were on the mountain, we saw Him glorified, we saw His real person, we saw His divine essence. Jesus desires us to do the same with this moment. He’s not only reminding His disciples, but He’s also reminding you that in our darkest moments, never forget His glory.



by Dustin Benge