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by Sam Kamani
Want Money Got Money with Sam Kamani

49: Helping people develop good financial habits with guest Sam Abrika


Sam Abrika used to manage $$$ billions for investment banks.. But then I realised that most people don't like to care of their money because it's boring.

So he created Cash Coach to be the personal finance app that millennials want to open everyday. Depending on your personality and goals, Cash Coach can be cute, funny or ruthless with you.

So what is CashCoach?

Cash Coach is an AI that turns saving into a competitive game and will give you the daily dose of motivation you need to win.

In this episode I find out about Sam’s journey and how he has managed to build a successful app with massive engagement in UK.

Sam has some really interesting insights when comes to money, budgetting, fundraising and building a startup.

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by Sam Kamani