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by Sam Kamani
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61: How to access R&D funding in Canada as an early stage startup- Naren Balakrishnan


My guest today is Naren, he helps startups access government funding in Canada. Naren started his career as a software engineer working with organizations to solve complex technological problems. As a Principal in Grant Thornton’s R&D and Government Incentives Practice, he helps clients navigate the SR&ED program in a number of areas including: determination of eligible expenditures, preparation of technical reports, review of documentation, incorporating best practices to maximize claim size, strategizing on how best to structure operations and handling potential CRA matters including audit defense.

In this episode we also talk about:-

  • Social media
  • Distribution
  • R&D
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • How to build successful startups
  • And much more...

Connect with Naren Balakrishnan:-



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by Sam Kamani