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by Sam Kamani
Want Money Got Money with Sam Kamani

64. How to bootstrap and build a global company with guest founder and investor - Rahul Aggarwal


For this episode I interviewed Rahul Aggarwal, who is the Cofounder of DesignHill and an active early stage investors in startups.

Rahul has founded multiple companies and he is a true serial entrepreneur. A lot of his success is due to understanding customer acquisition and building products that people want.

In this episode we talk about mistakes entrepreneurs make, how founders can improve. We also talk about his journey and how he managed to bootstrap his startup that now employs hundreds of employees.

In this episode we also talk about:-

  • MVP
  • Building communities
  • Hiring remote workers
  • Funding
  • Building a global company from India
  • And much more...

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by Sam Kamani