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by Sam Kamani
Want Money Got Money with Sam Kamani

67: From ICOs to funding innovation in renewable energy with guest - Gabriel Zanko


For this episode I interviewed Gabriel Zanko.

Gabriel Zanko is a Technology Advisor. Researcher & Writer in Technology , Speaker and Musician.

CEO of MobileyourLife (https://www.mobileyourlife.com/) and Urano Capital (https://www.urano.io/)

With an international background in Finance & Public Accounting from UCAB University in Caracas Venezuela and History & Croatian Language from University of Zagreb - Croatia.

Worked in companies such as PwC and Nokia & Siemens Network between Caracas Venezuela, and Bogota Colombia as External- Internal Auditor and Tax Advisor. Also worked in Zagreb Croatia as a Tax-Financial and Accounting Advisor.

Then he switched to the Deep Tech - Blockchain and Renewable Energy Scene where he has created 2 ventures. With the goal to propel innovation globally.

1) MobileyourLife (https://www.mobileyourlife.com/)

Which is an investment banking for Deep technology and Renewable Energy Innovation.

Where it main focus is

Raising capital for global innovation specially in the following technologies:

  • AI ( Urban Mobility & Transportation)
  • Blockchain & DLT Technologies.
  • Renewable Energy ( From Solar & Wind Energy to Nuclear ( Small Modular Thorium Reactors)
  • Energy Storage & Innovation in Batteries.
  • Food Techologies
  • Cannabis

In this episode we also talk about:-

  • Getting investment
  • Future of blockchain, crypto, banking etc…
  • Characteristics of entrepreneurs
  • History of money
  • And much more...

Connect with Gabriel:-

Book recommendations:

  • Any book by Nassim Taleb
  • Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson

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by Sam Kamani