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by Wassim Clairvoyant
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Self-Healing with angels 18


Not able to sleep anymore?

There is a simple way to make this process easier, slower, but more effective. Ask your angels every time you go to bed to stop downloading any information on your brain every time you feel not ready for a new message yet. It might take you few nights to get back to your normal sleep cycle. Once, you feel your brain had enough rest and ready to struggle with the instructions you receive from your angels, you can start asking your angels to give you the answer of any question you like, before you go to bed. Guess what! You will be surprised to dream about something that gives you the answer to your specific question in a very metaphoric way... it is beautiful, but then you might have less sleep than before, until your body get used to the new consciousness. It might take up to 6 months. Enjoy the journey!



by Wassim Clairvoyant