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by Wassim Clairvoyant
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Self-Healing with angels 7


They work in the following way:

1- They start by building the energy field of your hands using the chakras of your palms. You might feel some tingling or warmth in your hands while they are doing that.

2- Few minutes later, when the energy field is big enough to cover the area of the body they need to work on, they start sending fine radiations like laser beams to target specific cells of your body. The chosen cells they target are related to the specific problem you ask them to heal. This can be very similar to acupuncture – when the therapist chooses a set of acupuncture points to manipulate with the needles. Any mistake done by the therapist, in the choice of acupuncture points or in the insertion of needles, can be harmful to the patient. That’s why it is imperative in this technique to stay still. Moving the hands can also disrupt the whole energy field they have built around your body, and they end up working less and less on you if you don’t respect this rule of staying still.

3- Few minutes later, they check the reaction of your body and mind to determine how much they can proceed with the healing. Most often, they decide that you are not ready for any further serious healing because you still didn’t achieve the personal growth related to your specific problem. In this case, they continue the healing session by sending light loving energy throughout your body that makes you feel uplifted and relaxed, but wouldn’t heal the specific problem you asked for.

4- Sometimes, they decide that you need some guidance to achieve the required personal growth. They download the guidance program on your brain within few minutes during the healing session. You might feel this happening, you might feel a bit of pain right on the crown chakra or on the third eye chakra, or you might feel nothing at all. The guidance program will be activated in moments of troubles when you need it most. It comes to you in the form of inspirations or intuitive ideas. Sometimes it is also activated during your dream time. It is your choice to follow the guidance or not. No one can force you to do anything.

5- In rare cases, they decide that you have accomplished enough emotional growth and that you are ready to get a serious healing. In this case, they bring very strong energy that might overwhelm you, to make physical changes in your body like moving bones, building skin, and things that you can really classify as miracles. For example, I have witnessed them removing an old operation scar within few second.



by Wassim Clairvoyant