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We Don't Have Time For This

Gem’s Surprise Third Child (keep calm…)

We Don't Have Time For This
We Don't Have Time For This
Well this is our 150th Tuesday episode ever, isn’t that WILD?! It’s a lot of talking, but we still have more to say… Gem is back into an old ritual and Revz is thoroughly unconvinced. Revz doesn’t have time for a chill weekend she tried to have and wasn’t at all allowed to have because of varying factors and then Gem regales us all with the Drama of a Third Dependent, and walks us through exactly what happened to poor Hubs! Merry Christmas Gem, who now has a 3rd person to care for, December baby! 

Thank you to every DL who tuned in for our Christmas Special, you still have till midnight tonight (12th Dec AEDT) to watch! 
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Not spon: 
Gem - Cooler bags as gifts (two brands, Sunday Living Co and OiOi) 
Revz - Decathlon for gifting
We Don't Have Time For This
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