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by Gemma Peanut & Kate Reeves
We Don't Have Time For This

I Don't Wanna See A Ghost, It's The Sight That I Fear Most...


Holidays: a novel location in which to parent! Revz recaps travelling with her Groms and we get into how travelling (even locally) has changed since having kiddos. The, cos we're deep AF, we get into why women still don't really propose to men and how cool we think it is when women take charge of their own 👏🏻 damn 👏🏻 lives. Also, did you know you're a completely different person very 7 years? Like, science, wise? And we wonder if it's possible or hella dangerous to teach your kids to question, well, everything. Gem had one coffee one time and now knows The Meaning of Life...and lucky she does because THIS IS NOT A DRILL, there are ghosts amongst us. And we only have one thing to say about that.... NUP.
So, tune in, Dear Listeners, for a strong start and loose "skate" to the finish line.

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Episode 23

by Gemma Peanut & Kate Reeves