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by Gemma Peanut & Kate Reeves
We Don't Have Time For This

Let's Talk About Sex, (After) Baby


We're all thinking it, how much sex is everyone having? Well, not everyone everyone, more like, everyone with young kids who have been together for a while and are, well, tired AF. How much sex? Cos we feel like people are lying and that it's the new insta-status to be boinking for Australia. So, is it a sign of the quality of your relationship and just when is the perfect time, amongst all the other things we don't have time for? We just wanna get into it, and by it, we mean the topic, not the actual sex thing. That's tiring.

Kate @nleadbetter_photography virtual photo shoot
Gem "Lava" by Pixar

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Episode 15

by Gemma Peanut & Kate Reeves