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by Gemma Peanut & Kate Reeves
We Don't Have Time For This

Never Worked So Hard to Disappoint So Many People


Ok, full disclosure, we are a little loose this week, coming off the back of technical poddy issues and #dummygate, we are two sleep-deprived zombies. But we're here! And we're talking about Gem 'copping some crit' on the gram ' via the Mum Police and exactly how dummy weaning went down in her household. Revz has been knocked for six by a meme, and look, it's made her spiral. As if a brutal meme wasn't enough, we also heard a bang on quote and its just so real, you guys. Gem had a shocking run-in with a Mansplainer which begs the question, should anyone ever put up with a toxic work culture? Spoiler alert; no, but it's never that easy, is it? Finally, can we just stop waiting for life to get easier? Is it time to lean in to the manic hustle and just own it?

Kate ABC Reading Eggs
Gem Annabel Karmel Kids Meals
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Episode 21

by Gemma Peanut & Kate Reeves