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by Greer and Libby
We Like To Garden

Interview with Julia Atkinson-Dunn


This week Greer has a chat with Julia Atkinson-Dunn, aka @StudioHomeGardening, on all things gardening, Julia's books (Petal Power and her latest one which is yet to be released but pretty close to being finished!), floral arrangements, the joy of a flower garden, and the upcoming Hurunui Garden Festival where Julia is hosting/facilitating three talks at three different gardens.

You can buy Petal Power (HIGHLY recommended) here: https://www.koapress.co.nz/shop/p/petalpower

And check out all the amazing gardens and homesteads on offer for viewing at the Hurunui Garden Festival here: https://hurunuigardenfestival.com


Episode 12

by Greer and Libby