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Welcome to qLegal Vox

Trailer - Welcome To Legal Vox


Welcome to Legal Vox, the new podcast for LawTech enthusiasts.

If you are a legal professional, or about to be one, and you’re eager to explore what else is out there, how technology will disrupt the legal world, but also how we can imagine new ways to learn, work and deliver legal advice… This podcast is for you. We’re thinking legal design, FinTech, user centred approaches, gamification, pro bono initiatives and lifelong learning, to name a few.

Legal Vox is a podcast to inspire and educate curious legal professionals, one expert interview and conversation at a time.

In this first season, we dive deep into what it really means to become a lawyer in 2018. We talk to industry professionals, partners and recent graduates, to gain insights about their journey, and about how to find your calling in this big legal world...



by Tech and Law