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by Church of Misandry
Well Well Villanelle: A Killing Eve Podcast

Killing Eve Snackisode - Legends of 2020 Part II


We're back for part two and our musings! This week we try something a little different, and break down our Top 5 Moments from series 3, or Top 5 Disappointments for series 3, and most importantly, our Top Five Wants for series 4.

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Chapter Marks:

00:30 - Musings

01:16 - Top 5 Disappointments in Series 3

18:39 - Top 5 Moments from Series 3

36:55 - Top 5 Wants for Series 4

50:34 - Spotted on Twitter/Tumblr (Mini)

51:01 - Comparisons to the film 'I Care A Lot'

57:01 - A philosophical question, with an obvious answer

1:00:16 - Final takes

1:05:59 - Outro + Country Rundown

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by Church of Misandry