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by Church of Misandry
Well Well Villanelle: A Killing Eve Podcast

Misandry Mail Bag Part III


Here we are with the 3rd and final installment of this edition of Misandry Mail Bag. In this final part we field more questions about Gentleman Jack Crack, bless ya'll with some originally composed music, inspired by Killing Eve sent in by a listener, and of course resume discussing the possibility of a Villaneve smash.

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Chapter Marks:

09:25 - A quick question about Gentleman Jack Crack

10:00 - Paige recommends Mr. Robot for the queerness

12:00 - Mars the composer, blesses us with KE inspired tunes

14:37 - Welcome Shannon to the Killing Eve fandom

17:32 - Ari comments on the final swan song season for KE

30:45 - Fluer welcomes us back to the land of the living

36:21 - Amber's been marathoning and we love it

45:57 - Detta has beef with Ridley Scott too

46:47 - Jess posits the smash vs alive and well

48:38 - And that concludes mail bag part 1 from the panini

51:46 - Outro + Country rundown

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by Church of Misandry