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by Church of Misandry
Well Well Villanelle: A Killing Eve Podcast

Pre-Season Snackbite: Happy Pride!!


Ayeee, Happy Pride you hoes! We are in this bihh with our first official pre-season snackbite of series 4, the final season of this podcast and Killing Eve 😭. Some of you listeners hit up our inbox, to let us know that there were finally some on set images circulating around, and as you've probably guessed, we have several thoughts and feelings about it.

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Chapter Marks:

0:30 - Pride Party Intro!


7:17 - New superstition for series 4

19:26 - MUSINGS

19:42 - Saudia chooses violence in the DMs

20:35 - On set shots of Eve Polastri finally emerge

24:46 - Additional photos of Eve complicate our theories

28:29 - Photos of Jodie reveal.....(fill in the blank)

29:37 - Camille Cottin photographed on set with a lady

35:16 - Eve Polastri gives body in additional on set photos

37:51 - Carolyn appears to be up to her old shenanigans

40:28 - Eve looks to be offered more of that good-good

42:41 - Eve Polastri has a new jacket, what could this mean??

50:20 - A trailer spotting hints at an old character's return

54:43 - More desperate wishes for an Elaina cameo

56:37 - A random twitter post about series 4 sends us into crisis

1:00:17 - Villanelle as Nun Benedetta, coming in series 4

1:10:41 - Outro + Country Rundown: Pride 2021 Edition

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by Church of Misandry