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by Church of Misandry
Well Well Villanelle: A Killing Eve Podcast

Well Well Villanelle - "Are You Leading or Am I?" Part II


As we continue our recap we say farewell to Rhian with a gladiator’s touch. Carolyn visits the Bitter Pill to investigate new intel on Kenny, and Eve ends up at Brideway Bets where she treats bribery like her phone passcode. Also when did Villanelle get everyone’s phone number and will we ever see what her contacts list looks like???

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Chapter Marks:

0:31 - Rhian talks too much trash and gets sent to Sparta

7:24 - Rhian's swan song & Villanelle's dilemma

13:49 - Geraldine writes and essay and Carolyn reads a blank page

19:26 - Tallulah Shark attempts bribery at Bridgeway Bets

22:54 - Bruce expects a stripper, but gets a not very nice lady

25:31 - Carolyn visits the Bitter Pill to drag the staff and get intel

27:34 - Deleted Moment: Carolyn notices remnants of Kenny

28:12 - Carolyn is allergic to Audrey's sympathy & Bear rambles

31:27 - Kenny's killer is revealed to be... KONSTANTIN!!!

33:38 - Eve bumps into Big Daddy K and plays keep-away

36:42 - Villanelle in Loewe arrives to terrorize the Bitter Pill

41:17 - Villanelle tells Konstantin what Eve says goes

43:31 - Villanelle expands on her legend of scissor hands

46:15 - Konstantin gets a call from Paul while Eve handles the tech

48:52 - Konstantin and Eve arrive to find Carolyn with a gun

52:58 - Everyone has questions, but Carolyn doesn't have the time

59:58 - Carolyn commands attention and reveals the truth

1:09:42 - Konstantin cries out but Villanelle is unmoved

End of Part II

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by Church of Misandry