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by Church of Misandry
Well Well Villanelle: A Killing Eve Podcast

Well Well Villanelle - "Beautiful Monster" Part II


Villanelle tries with all her mushy might to fight her need to hold Eve while they are worlds apart, meanwhile Geraldine will not go gentle in that good night. She invades Konstantin's privacy why drawing a line in the sand as the reverse Graduate plays out before our eyes- WHY?? Baby misandrist Irena is still trapped in jail but already acquiring weapons, and of course Mo. Poor Mo. The window is closing on everyone’s happy ending but, was it ever truly in reach?

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Chapter Marks:

0:31 - Eve and Bear try different methods of getting Villanelle's number

4:23 - Hijinks in Aberdeen with Villanelle and Dasha

13:10 - Konstantin arrives home to find a waiting Geraldine

17:24 - Dasha and Villanelle continue their beef on the golf course

21:42 - A quick mention of Villanelle's family Tartan

22:56 - Eve ignores her Uber driver who has too much to say

27:12 - Villanelle allows the mark to escape, but not before scaring him

37:57 - Eve reaches Dasha and DARK EVE RISES!!!

44:36 - Agent Mo calls Carolyn to tell her the good news, he's done it!

46:16 - Konstantin, Villanelle and Eve make three.. at the train station

51:58 - Eve misses her girl, but saves Villanelle from her feels

53:55 - Welp.. Mo is dead.. in a stream, and we don't know how

54:27 - Carolyn at home as her good mood cut short

1:00:51 - Konstantin is still alive, and apparently so is Dasha

1:04:32 - Eve gets a call from a very special someone at the Liverpool station

1:09:45 - Listener highs and lows from this episode

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by Church of Misandry