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This Is Your Brain On Instagram


Voters in California appeared to send the message to Governor Gavin Newsom that his coronavirus policies were the right way to go after saving him from a recall. The vote also sends a pretty strong political message to Democrats around the country about the pressures they might face for their own pandemic measures. Additionally, President Biden met with top executives of companies that supported his administration’s vaccination mandate plan.
For the past three years, Facebook has been conducting studies into how Instagram affects its millions of young users. According to the Wall Street Journal, those studies say the app is harmful for a sizable chunk of them, especially teen girls.
And in headlines: Olympic gymnasts testified before the Senate, the Justice Department filed an emergency motion to stop the enforcement of Texas's new controversial abortion law, and cultural icon RuPaul now has a shiny little bug named after him.

Show Notes:
Bloomberg: “U.S. Covid Vaccinations Slide Again Ahead of Biden Mandates” – https://bloom.bg/3EmB8Lj
Wall Street Journal: “The Facebook Files” – https://on.wsj.com/3lvgTm4

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