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by Fuel Talent
What Fuels You

Maria Colacurcio


Maria Colacurcio is CEO of Syndio, an analytics platform that ensures workplace fairness in every stage of employment and aims to eliminate pay disparity. She is responsible for the company’s vision, strategy, building talent within the organization, and developing organizational excellence to deliver the highest levels of business value to its customers. Most importantly, she is passionate about issues surrounding equal pay, employee wellness and equity at work. Prior to joining Syndio, Maria co-founded Smartsheet.com, worked in technology and communications at Microsoft, Starbucks, and a variety of tech startups. She has a proven track record of building successful companies, with strong core values that are dedicated to its people and customers. In addition, Maria is also a mom to seven kiddos and makes sure to talk about family finances at the dinner table.

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Episode 6

Season 10

by Fuel Talent