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by Mamamia Podcasts
What I Eat When

Emmylou MacCarthy On Having Confidence In The Kitchen


What do you eat when no one else is around? Emmylou MacCarthy's guilty pleasure might surprise you...

The influencer, presenter, and author of cookbook Confidence In The Kitchen opens up to host Silvia Colloca about her cooking fails, her favourite takeaway meals, and how to make perfect rice. 

Plus, her favourite go-to meal when she's cooking for her family of five.

What I Eat When is a Mamamia podcast that’s all about meals, moments, and memories, because every meal tells a story. 


Emmylou's new book Confidence In The Kitchen is available now.


Host: Silvia Colloca

Guest: Emmylou MacCarthy

Executive Producers: Zoe Ferguson and Elissa Ratliff 


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Episode 8

by Mamamia Podcasts