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What I Eat When

Marion Grasby’s Non-Negotiable Christmas Foods


What do you eat when you're homesick and you want to smell and taste your mum's cooking? Something so delicious it made your dad propose to your mum? Marion Grasby has a few ideas...

The Thai-Aussie cook, YouTuber and founder of The Marion's Kitchen Food Company has countless delicious recipes and ideas to share. In this episode, she tells host Silvia Colloca what she eats when she's homesick (for Thailand and Australia), what she craved when she was pregnant, and what foods and flavours remind her of Bangkok. 

What I Eat When is a Mamamia podcast that’s all about meals, moments, and memories, because every meal tells a story. 


Host: Silvia Colloca

Guest: Marion Grasby

Executive Producers: Zoe Ferguson and Elissa Ratliff 


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Episode 4

by Mamamia Podcasts