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What I Eat When

The Meal Manu Feildel Makes To Bring Family Together


What do you eat when... you're alone? You're homesick? You're celebrating?

What you eat when says a lot about you, about your culture, your taste, your family, and what matters to you. Food is so much more than just fuel, it’s an excuse to express who we are and what connects us.

What I Eat When is a Mamamia podcast that’s all about meals, moments, and memories. In our second episode, things heat up with French chef, restauranteur, and judge on My Kitchen Rules Australia Manu Feildel.

From rubbing butter all over chicken breast to mapping out your holiday with the best restaurants, Manu takes Silvia through what he eats when he's homesick, on holiday and when he really feels like cooking... 



Host: Silvia Colloca

Guest: Manu Feildel

Executive Producers: Zoe Ferguson and Elissa Ratliff 


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Episode 2

by Mamamia Podcasts