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by Arsalan Merchant and Anusha Merchant
Whats Holding You Back ?

Journey on how to follow your true passion and to go past people's judgments!


Episode 6 - We are super thrilled to have with us Lokesh Dharmani who discusses his journey from changing cassettes and CDS to becoming a radio jockey at the number radio station city 1016 in Dubai (Bollywood radio station), holding concerts, and doing TEDx talks. Despite the career route not being traditional he followed his true passion to do what he is best at while impacting millions of lives through his job. 

He talks about how he began his career to where he right now as a very successful radio jockey. Moreover talks about breaking the past societal norms about breaking traditional routes as career pathways. Then he also talks about his experiences with the Bollywood superstars and his favorite on-air experience. He gives very profound advice to the listeners who want to follow their passion but get restricted due to the high risks it has.



by Arsalan Merchant and Anusha Merchant