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by Arsalan Merchant and Anusha Merchant
Whats Holding You Back ?

Losing yourself in service to find your true inner happiness


Episode 7- Today's episode is very close to our hearts as it raises critical awareness of what's happening in India regarding COVID 19 and food hunger. We have with us Nilay Agarwal today- a youngster in India who is the founder of Vishalakshi foundation and is leading Indias biggest youth-run movement project hunger. Nilay’s aim is to serve with the pure intention to do social work and has been working on improving the conditions of slums. He also provides them with free education.

Tune in to listen to Nilay discussing the importance of food hunger in India and how our role can be in today's world. He also talks more about his foundation which has over 2000 volunteers working together even in this time of the pandemic. Nilay also shares his WHY behind starting this foundation and how it makes him feel touching thousands of people's lives. The link to the episode is in the bio and catches us on all platforms: Apple podcast, Spotify, Google podcasts, anchor. We are so grateful to have you as part of our community who is willing to grow with us.



by Arsalan Merchant and Anusha Merchant