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by Arsalan Merchant and Anusha Merchant
Whats Holding You Back ?

Striving towards growth mindset!


Episode 4 - We are back with an incredible episode on having a growth mindset and its importance with Anusha Somani. If you want to change your limiting beliefs you keep telling yourself and strive towards a growth mindset- this episode is for you. Many of you requested having someone on who can talk about how to control our thoughts and how to change our mindset especially at this so we listened to you. Anusha is an  American Board Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming master coach and Life Coach. Not only this she has worked with various educational institutes which range from Clinton global initiative Unicef and many more. 

In this episode, Anusha discusses the difference between fixed and growth mindset. She explains what is the purpose of NLP and how that can be used to change our limiting beliefs we have which makes us stuck in the same position in our life.



by Arsalan Merchant and Anusha Merchant