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What's Streaming? Quick Rec - I Care About You on Netflix with Peter Dinklage & Rosmund Pike


Join @Iamissen on What's Streaming Official as he recommends new TV shows and films, talks about what's coming to and playing on your favorite streaming apps like Hulu, Disney +,  Netflix and PrimeVideo.   Let's talk about I Care About You...Amazon Prime releases Coming To America 2 today and Wandavision Episode 9 is out for those of you have blazed through  I chat a little bit about Moxie the new girl power movie on Netflix starring Amy Poehler & Patrick Schwarnznegger, this episode is quick so listen in.

Tune in for movies and shows you LOVED but forgot about that you can watch again during quarantine.  AND find out which new show I HATE .  All of this and more on What's Streaming!

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Follow @whatsstreamingofficial for more streaming news on Instagram.

Follow @whatsstreamingofficial for more streaming news on Instagram.

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Episode 126

Season 1

by Issen