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What's Streaming ? The BOYS Season 2 Release Date, QUIBI Fails, HBO MAX Drags and Peacock Network Launches, Train To Busan 2 Release Date and NOS4A2 season 2.


Join @Iamissen on What's Streaming Official as he recommends shows and talks TV & film news about what's coming to and playing on your favorite streaming apps like Hulu, Disney +,  Netflix and PrimeVideo.  This week we chat about shows you can binge watch more shows you can binge watch during our CoronaVirus self quarantine like the N0S4A2 on AMC.  We also talk about Quibi's failure, HBO Max  60 days after the launch in May  and the upcoming streaming app the Peacock Network that launches on 7/15/20 from NBC.  The BOYS season 2 is coming out soon to Prime Video and IF you're a horror person and you watched Train to Busan part 2 is out in August. 

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Follow @whatsstreamingofficial for more streaming news on Instagram.

Follow @whatsstreamingofficial for more streaming news on Instagram.

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Episode 119

Season 1

by Issen