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What's Streaming? Wonder Woman 1984, Dune, Star Trek Discovery, #Alive , Cobra Kai, Black Summer Season 2 and Young Wallander.


Join @Iamissen on What's Streaming Official as he recommends new TV shows and films, talks about what's coming to and playing on your favorite streaming apps like Hulu, Disney +,  Netflix and PrimeVideo.   Wonder Woman 1984 is getting the push around again! Covid 19 is forcing studios to change things up.  Let's chat about Cobra Kai, #Alive a brand new Korean zombie flick, Star Trek Discovery Season 3 with Soniqua Martin Green launches a bunch of spin offs. The Walking Dead is coming to a close but guess who's getting their own show? Get my two cents on Mulan and find out what I am REWATCHING....oldies but goodies. Tune in for movies and shows you LOVED but forgot about that you can watch again during quarantine.  AND find out which new show I HATE .  All of this and more on What's Streaming!

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Follow @whatsstreamingofficial for more streaming news on Instagram.

Follow @whatsstreamingofficial for more streaming news on Instagram.

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Episode 123

Season 1

by Issen