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Where Is George Gibney?

8. Talk


As our journey in the US comes to an end, it’s time to talk to George Gibney. But he hasn’t left his house in days and we don’t know why. Time is running out.


Reporter: Mark Horgan
Produced and written by: Mark Horgan and Ciarán Cassidy
Co-Producer: Maria Horgan
Research and fact checking: Killian Down
Editing: Ciarán Cassidy
Composer: Michael Fleming
Sound mixing: Ger McDonnell

Theme tune by Aaron Dessner

Executive Producer for BBC: Dylan Haskins
Commissioning Editor: Jason Phipps

Where is George Gibney? is a Second Captains Production for BBC Sounds

This podcast refers to child sexual abuse and contains interviews that some listeners may find upsetting, as well as some occasional strong language right from the start.

If you've been affected by any of the issues in this series, please contact support organisations in your own country.

For a list of organisations in the UK that can provide support for survivors of sexual abuse, go to bbc.co.uk/actionline.

The final two episodes of Where Is George Gibney? will take into account some of the correspondence and coverage received over the past eight weeks. Episode 9 will be available on Thursday 3rd December, with episode 10 coming a week later. You’ll be able to listen first via the BBC Sounds app which is available to download for free wherever you are in the world.



by BBC Radio