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Whiskey and Lace

04. Family, Trademarks, and 23andMe: Exploring the Unexpected with Mark Simpson

Whiskey and Lace
Whiskey and Lace

Yes, prioritizing your family and career at the same time is possible!

Today, Erika is joined by her business mentor and brother-in-law, Mark Simpson! Mark shares his journey in the surf industry starting in the corporate sales world of Hurley to co-founding IPD Surf. You'll hear about his determination to become a present father, plus some wacky and endearing adventures along the way.

So grab a shot of whiskey and get ready to be inspired and entertained!


In this episode, we cover the following:

  • Get to know Mark and the first time he and Erika met
  • Business advice for no matter where you are on the corporate ladder
  • Launching IPD
  • Managing the work-life balance
  • His adoption story and discovering his half-brother
  • How he met his wife, Cherie
  • Airport mishaps
  • Raising his children


Guest info:

To learn more about IPD Surf and to shop their products, visit their website, IPDSurf.com.


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