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06. Letting Go of Ego: Unconventional Parenting with Mark

Whiskey and Lace
Whiskey and Lace

With how fast the world is changing, how do you raise kids?

While we don't have the handbook or the step-by-step formula, Erika and Mark share their insights on being young parents and the strategies that they've picked up. They discuss their proudest and most challenging moments as parents. Erika shares her thoughts on being in the online space while maintaining her children's privacy and what led her to that. You'll learn about alternatives to the traditional school system and the importance of being a good role model for your kids while being supportive. But remember: there's no clear-cut "right way" to parent.

Pour a glass of red wine or juice and press the play button!


In this episode, we cover the following:

  • Their parenting styles
  • The most significant challenges as parents
  • Proudest moments
  • Schooling: homeschool pods and creating a schoolhouse
  • Social media and protecting her kids
  • Giving kids a smartphone or not
  • Biggest hopes for their kids
  • Advice to each other as parents




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