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Whiskey and Lace

Welcome to the Whiskey and Lace Podcast!

Whiskey and Lace
Whiskey and Lace

Are you ready to have someone shoot it to you straight and inspire you to be the best damn version of yourself? 

Hi! I'm your host, Erika Altes, of the Whiskey and Lace blog. Welcome to your new fave podcast to listen to on the go!

In this relatable and empowering podcast, you'll hear honest conversations from everyday people sharing a part of their story. From the messy to the beautiful, we're here to keep it real. Get ready to laugh hard, maybe reach for a tissue, and walk away with sound advice and perhaps a new perspective.

Pour yourself a nice glass of wine or a whiskey on the rocks, and let's go!


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Whiskey and Lace
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