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Who the Hell is Hamish?

Introducing: What Really Happened in Wuhan


Investigative journalist Sharri Markson goes deep into the secret history of Covid-19. 
In a series of exclusive interviews - from Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo to intelligence chiefs and Chinese dissidents - Markson takes us inside the investigation behind her bestselling book and documentary, to explore what really happened in Wuhan and beyond. 

In this first episode, Sharri Markson has a frank and freewheeling conversation with the former US president in his first Australian sit-down interview on China’s “gross incompetence” and the mysteries still unsolved.  “There were body bags outside of the lab. And people were saying there are a lot of people lying down on the streets of Wuhan and there were body bags … you're going to have to figure that out and you probably will be able to do it, knowing you.” 

Go to theaustralian.com.au/wuhan for more on What Really Happened In Wuhan.

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