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by Mancell Financial Group
Why Advice?

Why Advice #1 Introduction, Real Financial Advice & Peter Mancell


Daniel is joined by Tristan Dallas of Mancell Financial Group to discuss 'the why' and where we are going with this podcast. The pair give a brief overview of real financial advice, at the 23 minute mark they are joined by the founder and managing director of Mancell Financial Group, Peter Mancell.

Peter has been at the forefront of driving financial advice standards in Australia. Mancell Financial Group were the second firm to become CEFEX certified fiduciaries in Australia and were a founding member of the Global Association of Independent Advisers.

Peter discusses various topics ranging from delegating your affairs to a financial adviser, the benefit of accepting that markets work and what high net worth investors should know when engaging a financial adviser.

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Episode 1

by Mancell Financial Group