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by Mancell Financial Group
Why Advice?

Why Advice #4 What is Your Investment Philosophy?


The most important thing about an investment philosophy is that you have one - David Booth

So what is an investment philosophy and why do you need one? Daniel is joined by Peter Mancell, the founder of Mancell Financial Group and Managing Director of AFSL FYG Planners, the pair discuss the importance of having an investment philosophy, the importance of your financial adviser having a clear investment philosophy and the importance of using an evidence based investment philosophy.

They discuss:

The importance of having an investment philosophy.

What Peter sees as the three different types of investment philosophies.

The ways advisory businesses would try to construct portfolios before switching to an evidence based philosophy.

Why an evidence based investment philosophy is important it is for business efficiency,

Why an evidence based investment philosophy is valuable for educating clients on what is and isn't possible.

And finally, David Booth's art collection!

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Episode 4

by Mancell Financial Group