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by Mancell Financial Group
Why Advice?

Why Advice #6 Personal Insurance


Why does someone need personal insurance?

Daniel is joined by Peter Mancell, founder of Mancell Financial Group and Peter has advised clients on insurance for 41 years. Coincidentally, this podcast coincides with the first policy he ever wrote. If you want to get a better understanding of personal insurance, this is an important listen. 

The pair discuss:

  • The types of insurance and how they are assessed when advising clients.
  • Sourcing your insurance through an adviser vs a TV commercial.
  • The benefits of making a claim through an adviser who can go into bat for you.
  • The benefits of coverage in superannuation
  • The process of making a claim.
  • Lawyers charging large sums to make claims on behalf of clients.
  • Some stories of claims Peter has seen over the years.
  • When don't you need insurance?

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Episode 6

by Mancell Financial Group