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by Courtney Huntington
WitGlass Unfiltered

WitGlass Unfiltered #78: Don’t Forget to Smile


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#78: Don’t Forget to Smile

No matter how dark things look, don’t forget that evil has existed in every age, every generation. The great evil politician, the overweening boss, the big fish in the little pond (and the big fish in the vast ocean)—they all shit like the rest of us. Remember that we still fight the evil resident in our own hearts, and there is always hope for tomorrow.

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The apps and services listed here are the ones that I actually use in developing and maintaining the website and podcast. If you see it listed here, I love it. I don’t keep using any app or service I don’t love. Every app and every service has limitations—some more annoying or frustrating than others. But if it’s on this list, you can be sure that on the whole, I love it.



by Courtney Huntington