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by Donna Carlson
Women, Wine & Leadership

#102 Rachel Braun Scherl on Orgasmic Leadership


Rachel Braun Scherl has passionately focused on driving the conversation on the business of women’s sexual and reproductive health. She spends a lot of time speaking publicly, loudly and passionately in an effort to drive the conversation around the business of female health in all of its complexity. Her bestselling book called Orgasmic Leadership reflects a wellspring of deep personal experience in pharmaceuticals, consumer products, women’s health as well as in depth interviews with leaders in the sexual wellness field. 

Rachel doesn't like to drink wine, in fact her favorite beverage is Stewart's Diet Root Beer, which I believe can be consumed from a wine glass to make it more festive. I love what Rachel is doing to accelerate women's health. If you have a business that needs a spark, I hope you'll give her a call.

Contact Rachel at rbscherl@sparksolutionsforgrowth.com or www.sparksolutionsforgrowth.com.


Episode 102

by Donna Carlson